Monday, February 9, 2009

The Fake Housewives Of Orange County

I'm usually a very quiet person, but this new daily gripe blog I've created is working out quite well for me!! How good can it get??? I get to rant and rave about anything that pisses me off!! Wooohooo!! I'm really enjoying this!! OK... enough babbling... it's time to get down to business.

Have any of you out in blogger land actually sat down and watched this show? I have, and let me tell ya...... I get so irritated with these women I'd like to shove their Gucci handbags where the sun don't shine. They have the most disgraceful set of human values that I have ever seen. I have watched these women value money over ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!! It is nuts to me. I've seen them make fun of ordinary people saying... "look how low class they are". I've seen them stab each other in the back continually. Whoever came up with the saying "with friends like these you don't need enemies" must have been thinking of them when they made it up. I've come up with a little exercise for the Orange County Housewives. The exercise goes as follows:

1. Take off that $3000.00 dress you're wearing

2. Wipe off all of that expensive make-up on your face

3. Stop getting your cosmetic Botox injections for a couple years

4. Stop dying your hair and remove those hair extensions

5. Take off the diamonds/gold jewelry dangling from your ears and neck

6. Remove your breast implants or whatever else you felt the need to implant into your body.

7. Remove those porcelain veneers from your teeth

8. Leave your cash, checkbook and credit cards behind

9. Walk out of your little bubble... yes, that means leave your mansion behind and the security of that little gated community

10. Now I want you to grab a mirror and tell me what you see

Somehow I still don't think they'd get it. Oh well, call me pessimistic if you want to. After watching them in action it is hard for me to feel otherwise.

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