Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm graphically challenged take two!

As you know from yesterdays.. "I'm graphically challenged" post, I had blood coming out my ears trying to create a background. I ended up making a half-assed pink background, which my MUCH TOO KIND blogging buddies commented was kinda cute and that they liked it. If you read yesterdays post you already know that I was bitching about not having a good program to work with. So today I ordered a program for shits and giggles.. it only cost me $29.00. The program is called PhotoMix and was really easy to use.

Here is my second attempt at making a background. As you can see it isn't as generic as the first try. Plus.. there's no blood coming out of my ears today!! Can you believe it?

Another thing I just noticed, my monitor is a 22".. if you have a small monitor, you won't be able to view my second attempt at making a background. It cuts the background out.. trial and error people!


Just A Chic... said...

Ooooohhh...this new one's really cute. I'm gonna hafta sucker you into doin one for me!

blognut said...

This is way purty!

Raven said...

I feel your pain! It took me FOREVA to figure out how to do backgrounds! This is adorable though! :)


Mary Moore said...

I'm useless at these things.

JiggaJoe said...

Groovy stuff no matter how you look at it.