Sunday, February 22, 2009

My CopyCat Post... Just cuz it was sooo damn funny!

One of my favorite bloggers... blognut, had one of the most hilarious posts tonight. It seems that it can be a fun little game to type in "your name" and the word "needs" in the Google search engine. The results are really funny! When I read blognut's results over at her "More Mindless Rambling" site.. I laughed my ass off and I had to do it myself!

Here are my results.......

Teresa needs to lay off the sauce
Directly under that title it said: Here's a better question...has Teresa EVER had a real job? And no, gold digger doesn't count! Teresa STAY OFF THE SAUCE! ...
(Geesh! They were a little hard on me don't you think? and NO that isn't a rum & coke behind my back!)

Teresa needs one more miracle to become a saint
(I need more than ONE! They don't know me very well.)

Teresa needs rhubarb and cement to make this happen
(All I can say is... WTF? I'm not even gonna touch that one.)

Teresa needs an Exorcist
(Ya know.. under severe stress my head does have a tendency to spin around.)

Teresa needs to know, has Jack ever gotten anywhere with a woman, and if so, to what base did he get? He almost went all the way with a girl, he says, ...
(I have a question, why do I need to know? And more importantly.. who the hell is Jack?)

Teresa needs a strait jacket
(I guess they do know me pretty well.)

Everyone in bloggerland ought to try this... I'd love to hear what Google has to say about you!! ;)


blognut said...

Too funny! I do want to know what you're going to do with that rhubarb and cement. Get back to me on that will ya'. Oh, and lay off the sauce. Geez!

Blonde Goddess said...

I say don't stop laying off the sauce.
The sauce makes like a little sweeter, spicier and less bland.


blognut: I'll call you tonight on the blogger party line to let you in on the rhubarb & cement deal. It's top secret...

Blonde Goddess: I agree, life is a little sweeter on the sauce. Actually I think "the secret is IN the sauce"!!